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How to Change Windshied Wiper Blades: DIY

Looking to save a few bucks and install your own replacement wiper blades? Good idea; it’s simple! Here’s a quick 2-minute video showing exactly how to install new windshield wiper blades:

Changing your car’s windshield wipers demonstration:

No tools are needed to change your wipers;  just a rag & some love:

You should not feel embarrassed if you have never changed the blades on your car. As the adage goes, see one, do one, teach one. And so having watched this video from Advance Auto Parts, and then having changed my own windshield wiper blades, I am now ready to teach!

The only tool that is needed for this maneuver is a shop towel and a rag! Having two hands will help, as well as a scissors to cut out the windshield wipers from the excessively sturdy plastic wrapping used on almost everything these days. First, the windshield wiper is gently lifted off the window, and the towel/rag is placed on the window, in case you are klutzy and the wiper crashes down.

But I can’t replace wipers on my own; I’m afraid of failure!

There is nothing to fear. The friendly man with the Santa Claus beard demonstrates how to replace a Bosch Icon blade with another Bosch Icon wiper blade. He then opens a clip cover located directly on top of the windshield wiper holder, and slides off the old wiper from the “J-hook.”

From what I can tell, the wiper blade is slid along the axis of the arm “forward” towards the base of the wiper arm, An analogy might be made to the human body: jam the forearm into the shoulder rather than pulling the hand away from the body. Or not.

Honestly I felt like this step was not demonstrated very clearly, but upon watching the video and then going out to my own car and applying the same logic, I was able to quickly see what the bearded man was talking about. There really is a j-shaped locking mechanism, easily identified and with a J-type motion, easily released.

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Wait for a satisfying CLICK! wiper installation

He then slides the new windshield wiper directly onto the arm and does not stop until he hears a satisfying click. This click confirms the wiper is fully engaged and will not fly off in the first torrential storm that tests its mettle.

It is very important to close the clip cover, or the whole thing will be unstable and perhaps prone to improper function and wear and tear.

In Conclusion

As you can see this whole changing of the windshield wipers is very easy, almost embarrassingly so. For many years I spent extra money having Pep Boys replace my wipers during routine service.

There is something very satisfying about doing your own car work, even at this most basic of levels, and so if you are hoping to take more responsibility for the care of your car, this “1 wrench level difficulty” video should be a great place to start. If you have a fear of failure, check out the list of free services at Advance Auto Parts, and they will replace them for you.