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WeightWatchers 4 Months Free Offer: Running Now? • 2024

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If you are thinking of joining WeightWatchers, we can help you get the best savings when you sign up.

While getting 4 months free sounds like the best offer, it’s rarely offered and requires a long-term commitment of up to 10 months. That’s a long time considering that the average American’s weight loss resolution only lasts about 32 days!

While it looks like the 4 free months offer isn’t running today, you might get an even better deal. Here is today’s featured promotion for WW Core (Digital) and Premium (Workshops / Meetings) plans.

Best WW Membership Offers Now (Four Free Months?)

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The number 4 is symbolic of change and freedom. In Asian countries, the number 4 is tied to rebirth. So, will 4 free months of WW help facilitate positive change in you? Here’s what you should know about Weight Watchers’ 4 free months.

About the WW Four Free Month Offer:

weightwatchers 4 months free offer

How can you get 4 free months of Weight Watchers? The WW special for 4 free months is very rare and when it is offered it usually requires a 6-month commitment in addition to the four free months. While it’s arguably one of the best signup promotions, it also requires a longer commitment.

“While you may cancel your subscription at any time, the cancellation will not go into effect until the end of your Commitment Plan.”


That means you’re on the hook for the entire length of the promotion.

Even though getting 4 months free sounds amazing, it might not be the best promotion for your needs, especially if you don’t want to stay with WW long-term.

How much does WeightWatchers 4 months free save? WW Core Plan costs $23 per month, so getting 4 months free when you pay for 6 months will save you $92. If the promotion waives the signup fee you’ll save another $20.

That means even though the WW 4 free months promotion isn’t available now, you still might find an even better offer for your budget and goals with today’s featured offer here.

What Can You Accomplish In 4 Months? (120 Days)

Four months doesn’t sound like a long time, but humans can accomplish some pretty remarkable things when they put their mind to it. Here are four free goals you can reach in 4 months:

  1. Learn a new skill: In 4 months, a person can learn a new skill, such as a programming language, a musical instrument, or a foreign language. With consistent practice and dedication, it is possible to make significant progress and achieve a level of proficiency in a relatively short amount of time.
  2. Complete a fitness challenge: In four months, a person can undertake a fitness challenge, such as training for a 5k or 10K college run. By following a well-designed training program and a healthy diet, (with the help of WW?) it is possible to make significant improvements in physical fitness and overall health in 120 days.
  3. Start a business: In 120 days months, a person can start a small business, such as an online store, a consulting service, or a freelance business. By doing research, developing a business plan, and taking action on a daily basis, (visualize!) it is possible to launch a viable business that can generate income and provide value to customers.
  4. Lose weight: Of course, if you’re on our site you’re probably thinking about losing a few pounds by counting points and tracking your meals with Weight Watchers. Four months is plenty of time to make progress toward your weight loss goal, even if you’re a senior. Just think; if you use WW to sustainably lose one pound a week, you’ll have lost 12 pounds in 4 months!

Ironically, WW says their wellness program is based on these 4 pillars:

  1. Healthy weight loss from healthy food choices and activity
  2. Realistic and practical approach to reaching realistic goals
  3. Informed choices with help from their point system and app
  4. Holistic view with a comprehensive approach for sustainable long-term weight loss

Better Than 4 Months of WW for Free?

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, so any time I hear the word free I’m skeptical. In this case, getting 4 months free usually requires a long commitment. If you’re definitely in it for the long haul, then 4 months free might be the best possible subscription deal for you.

However, the best deals usually involve a 6-month commitment and may include three months for free, a free scale, or up to a 60% discount.

Tip: WW promotions change every day, so if you don’t see a special to join that looks great and saves 50% or more, consider waiting a couple of days for a better offer.

Not sold on WW? We also have specials for joining other diets and wellness programs like NoomNutrisystem, and Byte Aligners. Thanks for stopping by Pretty Sweet!