Drink Tea for Weight Loss: 5 Top (Natural) Teas for Your Diet

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Drinking tea for weight loss: What if I told you that losing that extra weight can be as easy as boiling water?

It’s true, and you might want to put down that coffee with cream, because there are a plethora of health benefits to drinking tea, including potential weight loss.

Fat-burning tea can reinvigorate your weight-loss routine to help you shed those stubborn extra pounds.

Top 5 Fat-Burning Teas for Weight Loss

Tea has been used as homeopathic medicine for centuries and can provide powerful health benefits in addition to burning fat.

Pounds aren’t everything. Holistic health should be your goal, and fat-burning tea packs a powerful health punch. You can access a world tea directory, for more information on nature’s medicine cabinet.

1. Green Tea – The Fat Burning Beast

Green tea is a fat-burning sensation. It’s loaded with powerful anti-oxidants known as catechins that turbo-charge the body’s metabolism.

Catechins improve the body’s ability to metabolize fat. And green tea is loaded with EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) — particularly powerful catechin that is a fat-burning pro.

Try using local honey to sweeten your green tea instead of sugar or Splenda®. In fact, recently diets like WW and Nutrisystem have specifically recommended green tea to replace coffee because of the health benefits. (plus, no unhealthy cream!)

2. White Tea – The Beauty Enhancer

Drinking white tea will help the pounds fall off and you’ll look great doing it. Structures in white tea buttress your skin cells against the deteriorating effects of the sun.

White tea keeps new fat cells at bay and helps you break down all the fat you’re carrying around for extra energy.

3. Black Tea – Heart-Pumping Goodness

Black tea improves cardiovascular function and blood vessel dilation — meaning your workout just got way easier!

And, black tea increases your body’s production of interferon, a key player in your infection-fighting team.

But, skip the milk! Milk can neutralize the goodies in black tea that helps your heart beat beautifully.

4. Oolong Tea – The Fat Incinerator

Oolong is Chinese for Black Dragon — and this appropriately named tea will incinerate your fat. Like green tea, oolong is loaded with catechins that help your body blast through fat cells.

Oolong tea also obstructs the body’s absorption of fat and is a powerful tool to fight weight gain and lowers blood pressure.

5. Rooibos Tea – The Hunger Squasher

Rooibos helps your body regulate hormones that cause fat storage in the body.

A powerful flavinoid known as aspalathin is present in rooibos in large quantities. Aspalathin reduces the stress hormones that make you feel hungry and lead to fat storage.

The resulting decrease in your stress hormones has positive rippling effects on other parts of your body. The same hormones that regulate fat storage can also cause hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, and insulin resistance.

Drink Fat-Burning Tea

Fat-burning tea will turbo-charge your diet. The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids in tea can help bust through tough fat and benefit your overall health.

The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids in tea can help bust through tough fat and benefit your overall health.

Brew a cup today and start feeling the benefits!

Why drink tea for weight loss?

Our hunter-gatherer DNA is making us fat — we weren’t designed for unlimited food access and a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, 2 in 3 American adults are overweight or obese, and these extra pounds cause problems in more than just the dressing room. Compounding the problem is that we don’t drink enough fluids, including 8 + cups of water a day. Tea counts as water and is a better option than coffee.

Carrying unwanted weight increases a host of health risks and dropping those extra pounds is crucial to your health!