Stay Vigorous at Seventy: Vintage Energy / Diet Ad from Kellogg’s

vintage diet seventy year old man ad

Vintage ad for energy wafers from Kellogg’s – Before there were Power Bars, or Smart Ones from Weight Watchers, Kellogg’s was selling their Sanitone Wafers, which promised to “keep your vital energy aglow, and drive away all gloominess and peevishness.”

“I’m the equal in nerce-force and power to any of the rising generation”

I can’t think of a better fit for Mighty Diets than this St. Nicholas on steroids character from Kellogg’s. Here’s what the miraculous Sanitone Wafers promise:

When ambition deserts you and vitality sags down near zero; when you’re fagged out in brain and body and your nerves lack vim – the Kellogg’s Sanitone Wafers “ginger” you up to concert pitch, put the “punch” in  your muscles, and make you tingle all over with health.”

Wow, that’s a mouthful, and I’m not sure the FDA would have approved the ingredient that caused all of that tingling! The copious vintage ad copy is quite a contrast to recent ads for energy drinks and bars which simply promise to, “Give you wings,” or “Bring out the Beast.”

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