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WW (Weight Watchers) Specials, Coupons, & Deals • August 2019

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WW is “Weight Watchers Reimagined,” and they ask you to, “live life fully.” That’s a whole lot easier when you feel great about yourself. Want to get started now?

Use one of our WW Weight Watchers specials, coupons, or free trial below for up to a 50% discount and free registration for their new Digital, Workshop + Digital (aka Meetings), and WW Coach plans.

Best WW (Weight Watchers) Coupons:

  • -
    Ends 8/31/19

    $3.13/week: Save $39 w/ 3-mo savings plan. (aka OnlinePlus)

  • -
    (Meetings) Ends 8/31/19

    From $8.46/week *Participating meeting locations. View promotion:

  • -
    (Save $24) Ends 8/20/19

    3 or 6 months. WW Digital, Meetings, Coaching. Use coupon:

  • -
    Ends 8/20/19

    View this Weight Watchers meetings deal:

  • -
    Ends 8/20/19

    $12.69/ week for 1 month. Join Free! (save $20+) Apply coupon!

  • -

    Weekly promotion for up to a 50% discount in Canada (français)

  • -

    Buy WW food, bars, shakes, SmartPoints scale; view codes:

WW FreeStyle (reviews) isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Every day they help thousands of people, like Oprah, enjoy a life full of great food, good health, and the support of people that you love. That’s why they are consistently ranked as the best weight-loss diet. Here are some tips for signing up:

Tip #1: Specials May Include Free Signup

Joining Weight Watchers includes a one-time $20 signup fee, so try to find a coupon that includes free registration for the best discount on the cost. Promotions that include free registration include their 6 months for $128 special, and the 50 off 3 months offer.

Tip #2: Comparing WW Coupons

Note that promo codes are no longer issued, so discounts are now applied when you click on promotional links. Get the best deal by comparing prices per week,” and length of promotions:

ww coupon featured
Coupon clicked, discount applied!

Remember, the promotional rate is only good for the length that you pre-pay, so consider the 3 or 6-month savings plan special for the best savings, or the Weight Watchers Meetings 3 month savings plan.

Tip #3: Wait for a Better Special (Like the 50% Off 3-Months Sale!)

WW: Weight Watchers Reimagined changes their promotions and specials at least once a week, so if you aren’t getting a great deal at signup, considering waiting.

So, what is a great deal? Most of the time they run a “join free” special that will save you $20. This is nothing spectacular, so if you have the time, wait for an offer that saves you at least $30 or 30%.

WW: Weight Watchers Reimagined does a lot of advertising during peak seasons including New Year’s and Memorial Day, but they run great specials throughout the year. If you have a little patience, you should have no trouble finding one and saving an extra $10+ at signup.

A few good deals to look for include: 6 months for $128, 50% off 3 months, join free + free month special, 50% off 6 months, and the WW discount for AAA with free registration.

Tip #4: Free Trial (7-Days)

If you are on the fence about joining, consider the Watchers 7-day free trial membership.

The one downside of signing up with the Weight Watchers free trial is that you won’t save as much money over the first 3-6 months compared to the signup deals above.

While the WW free trial includes, “50% off your first month,” that’s a savings of only $10 compared to a savings of up to $40+ with the specials above.

Check out their free trials:

Tip #5: You Don’t Need a WW Promo Code

A number of popular coupon sites advertise “Weight Watchers promo codes” for free signup or the monthly pass. Not only are most of these promo codes invalid, but they may actually result in an inferior deal at checkout.

The best Weight Watchers specials will link you to a page on their website, instantly apply the discount, and clearly outline the terms of the offer. Unless you’ve received a promo code directly from one of their customer support agents, don’t bother looking for one!

Tip #6: Look for a “Weight Watchers Free Month” Promo

WW deals can be confusing to compare, because there are a couple of things to consider besides just the “percentage off.”

In other words, the 50% off 3 months deal sounds great, but how does it compare to the flash sale that includes a free month?

Consider that free registration or a free month of WW Digital adds a $20 savings to the deal, while a free month of meetings can add $50 to your total savings!

That’s why when choosing the best signup deal, look where it says, “Your Savings” to see the total discount instead of looking at the percentage-off!

Tip #6: Consider Adding Meetings (Workshop)

women talk does it work

At WeightWatchers.com, you’ll see the phrase, “meetings are power.” So. what does this bold statement mean? It means that people who attend meetings on a regular basis lose more weight than those who only use online resources.

Here’s the deal: not everyone can fit Workshop (meetings) into their schedule, but consider that meetings double the success rate.

Why is that, you ask? Don’t underestimate the importance of inspiration and accountability. Weekly meetings enable you to measure your progress with the support of real people, including confidential weigh-ins.

Losing weight can be a battle, and if you go it alone it can feel like a battle against yourself. That’s why both women and men are more likely to succeed with the accountability and support that meetings offer.

If meetings fit into your lifestyle, consider adding them to your membership when you join.

Know that not all meeting locations participate in these WW joining specials, so if your WW Workshop (meeting) location doesn’t, you’ll have to decide if the extra cost is worth it! (How do WW meetings work?)

Save Money on WW Digital or Meetings

In conclusion, losing weight is more successful with the support of others. For this reason, we recommend that you take advantage of WW Connect through the app or online, and meetings, if possible.

Regardless of which plan you join, we hope you take advantage of our Weight Watchers coupons and specials to get the best price on membership!

*This Weight Watchers deals page was created in 2017, and updated throughout 2018 and 2019.

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17 thoughts on “WW (Weight Watchers) Specials, Coupons, & Deals • August 2019

  1. watching my weight

    Thanks; I’m a fat, frugal guy, so this is perfect. Question: After you enroll in Weight Watchers online at the promotional rate, can you use another coupon, say, a year later? (As an existing member)

  2. kevin Post author

    FYI – If the “free signup” coupon is offered, that’s the best one for Weight Watchers Online; giving you an extra $3 discount over the “save $29.95” 3 month savings promotion.

  3. Stacy W.

    Thanks for the coupon code. That just got me a $30 discount online! The ones for their prepared dinners aren’t great, but neither is the food. (convenient, i guess)

  4. Anna

    I think I just missed the 50% off coupon, as the best one that i can find is for 30% off WW Online. Is there a better one coming up this Summer, or should I just subscribe with the current promotion? thanks

  5. Amanda

    I was thinking about joining WW Online, but wondering if I should wait in case they have a big New year’s Resolution promotion?

    1. Eve

      FYI – The first coupon that says it’s for Weight Watchers Online somehow saves an extra $2 than the one right under it. It’s not much, but I’ll take it!

  6. Lidia

    I think for meetings you have to check online to see if your closest WW location participates in the promotion, because I don’t think all locations accept coupons.

  7. Cassandra

    I would like to know more about how long weight watcher coupon is good for, and how to enter it.

  8. Gisele

    I’m looking to use one of the coupons for meetings, but it says “participating locations only.” If I go through the registration process online w/ the discount, is it going to let me know if my meeting location is included in the promotion? thanks!

    1. Gabrielle

      I got free registration and saved an extra $20! You actually pay a lot more for weight watchers online if you just signup month-to-month, so it pays to go w/ the 3-month coupon. also, once you are a member, you can’t use the coupons for signup, which is another reason not to just buy 1 month.

  9. Caron Spector

    Hi I got 50 off 3 months membership in the past and $128.00 for a 6 month membership. I can’t find a special this good online recently. Do they still exist? These were for meetings as well as online.

  10. Pat

    I have been looking for a good special; wish they would come back with $67.00 for three months of Weight Watchers Online. Do seniors get a discount at WW? I’m a senior woman trying to get a good deal

  11. Alison

    I am not seeing the fitbit promotion anywhere on the WW site. Does it show up when you go to put in payment information? Is it good on all plans? It would be helpful to know of upcoming promotions

  12. Kelly Wagner

    I moved from HI and was required to use my pass for missed meetings. When I made goal (years ago) it was free and lifetime membership gave me the privilege of not having to pay for missed meetings.

  13. Missy Woodruff Post author

    Tip: You may be eligible for a WW discount through certain organizations including: AARP, AAA, military, teachers, college students or couples. These are often dependent on both timing and location (like in NY State: NYC DOE, NYPD, or Kaiser members) but it’s worth looking into, as the special rates could include a free month or up to 50% off.

  14. Cathy

    I’ve been a WW member since January 2018 (currently online only) and would like to add meetings to my membership. Are you aware of any discounts or promotions for existing members to do this?

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