7 (Amazing!) Health Benefits from Colostrum Supplements

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The health benefits of “mother’s milk” is undeniable, and most of its health benefits are found in the colostrum; a milky fluid produced by the mother in the first few days after birth high in antibodies, protein, and vitamins.

In fact, antibody levels in bovine colostrum are 100 times higher than in regular milk. That’s why taking colostrum (derived from cow’s milk) as a supplement has become increasingly popular.

So, is colostrum powder or pills (tablets) the right supplement to add to your diet?

Here are the amazing potential benefits of taking colostrum powder:

1. Colostrum Powder / Pills: Maximize Your Immunity

Sometimes it may feel that a healthy immune system is hard to come by these days.

This cold or flu season, however, instead of reaching for your Vitamin C tablets, reach for some colostrum powder.

This powder is packed full of certain immunoglobulins that specifically attack and kill viruses. What’s more, colostrum itself has a lot of immune-boosting properties simply given the number of common antioxidatives that are found in it.

When paired with other immune-boosting supplements, this powder can give you an immune system of steel!

2. Colostrum Supplement Gives You Building Blocks of Health

Once you understand where colostrum comes from, it makes sense why this supplement really is foundational to better health.

Because colostrum is found in the liquid secreted by mammary glands in mammals in the first few days immediately after giving birth, it contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins critical to a healthy, disease-resistant life.

Take a cow, for example. That baby calf is going to need a lot of antioxidants, vitamins, and antibodies the moment it’s alive and breathing in the world. It accesses all of these things directly through its mother’s milk — that is, through colostrum.

During its first days of life, the calf gets all of its immune-fighting nutrients and necessary proteins to building fully functioning skeletal and circulatory systems through the mother’s milk; specifically the colostrum. It also receives digestive aids and nourishing fats.

The good news is that these vitamins and nutrients are present in colostrum supplements, commonly sold in the form of powder and pills.

3. Burn More Fat With a Higher Metabolism

We’re all looking for easy ways to burn more fat faster, right?

With colostrum powder, you cover both bases. Colostrum contains proteins that control appetite, regulate metabolism, and burn fat for usable energy.

While you may be able to drink tea and lose weight, colostrum does not constitute a weight loss pill in and of itself. However, if you take colostrum supplements, regular exercise, and choose a healthy diet, you will definitely notice results.

4. (Bovine) Colostrum Helps With Digestion

If you suffer from acid reflux, digestive issues, and/or diarrhea, colostrum powder is your answer.

This magical supplement can help you regulate your digestive system through a variety of naturally occurring immunoglobulins. These helpful guys are directly associated with intestinal health, and can even target certain pathogens that are super resistant to any available antibiotics.

If you’re lacking or low in these immunoglobulins, you may be at higher risk for Crohn’s disease and even autism. On a fundamental level, you’ll at least experience gut pain or turbulence.

Luckily, by taking colostrum, you’ll be boosting your digestive immunoglobulin count and promoting digestive function. Immunoglobulins will support the intestinal walls against pathogens and alleviate common issues with bowels.

What is more, this powder may even reverse any damage caused to your digestive tissues through excess acid and bacteria.

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5. Build Muscle More Quickly

We definitely recommend using colostrum supplements if you are working on a dedicated fitness and/or health plan, for all of the reasons listed here.

If you are an athlete, however, you’ll also notice that bovine colostrum powder can lead to faster acquisition of muscle, and retention of existing muscle fibers.

A lot of this has to do with the basic fact that colostrum does target the metabolic system to operate at a higher rate. Additionally, the growth factors present in this powder support rebuilding and rejuvenating of muscle fibers.

6. Colostrum: Get Energized!

Do you find it difficult to get energized in the morning, or even during the typical afternoon slump?

Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, tea, or alternative source of caffeine, go the more natural route and choose colostrum.

Having a powerhouse of an immune system as well as a boosted metabolic system are key factors in driving the body’s natural energy.

Also, because your digestive health is on point with colostrum supplements, you are also going to be absorbing and circulating key nutrients at an optimal rate. This also leads to greater stores of physical energy and even mental clarity.

7. Stay Younger for Longer

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If you feel that the years are really catching up to you, don’t worry. Colostrum actually can slow the aging process with certain anti-aging properties.

Bovine colostrum powder contains an amazing amount of growth factors that lead to the growth of new cells and the rejuvenation of tissues, tendons, and muscle fibers.

Because it also supports an operative immune system and healthy metabolism, colostrum definitely can assist with the anti-aging process.

This powder may even help prevent Alzheimer’s disease or reverse its effects, although studies are still looking into this. Colostrum contains certain amino acids that discourage the creation of proteins that have been linked to patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

Enjoy the Amazing Health Benefits of Colostrum Powder

Colostrum really should be called the wonder drug, except it’s not a drug at all!

This amazing naturally derived powder can add so much to your current health and/or fitness plan with its immune-boosting properties and host of nutrients that support optimal health.

Not only can it help you build muscle and burn fat faster, but it also can support your immune system, slow the aging process, and promote digestive health. Wow!